The Two-Week Commodores Recap

By Annie Papadellis/Web Reporter

With another two weeks under the team’s belt, here are the top-five hitters and pitchers as of July 14, 2013:

Top 5 Offensive Players:

Photo by Liz Baker
Dylan Davis in a post-game interview with Field Reporter Meredith Perri. Photo by Liz Baker

No 1. Dylan Davis (Oregon State) was recently named Cape League “Coca-Cola Player of the Week” with an impressive, well above .400 batting average for the week of July 4.
– Davis had an outstanding .538 batting average during the Cotuit holiday, two game series back in the first week of July.  In that week, he had four home runs in five games.
– He is consistently still batting around .400.
– He leads the team and Cape League in home runs with five homers on the summer.
– He has 17 RBIs thus far on the summer, and is fourth in the CCBL behind teammates Kevin Cron (in second with 21) and Rhys Hoskins (in first with 23).  Mike Ford of the Cotuit Kettleers holds the number three spot with 18 RBIs.
– In the 10 games that Davis has played in, he has had a hit in every one.
– Not only is he hot at the plate, he can throw a 99 mph fastball too.  In one inning on the mound, he didn’t give up a hit and had two strikeouts.

No 2. Rhys Hoskins (Sacramento State) was titled Cape League “Player to Watch” for the third week in a row.
– Hoskins leads the CCBL in RBIs with 23 in 24 games played.
– He is tied for second in the league alongside teammates Kevin Cron and Casey Gillaspie with four home runs.
– He is currently batting a little below .400 with a .371 avg. as of late.
– Hoskins is on a 10-game hit streak as of July 13 against the Y-D Red Sox.  Hoskins went 3 for 4 on the night with one run and one RBI.

No. 3 Kevin Cron (TCU) also earned Cape League “Player of the Week” beside teammate Rhys Hoskins.
– Cron is second in the league with 21 RBIs in 23 games played.
– He has had 4 homers thus far on the summer season, and is batting consistently  above .300.
– He has a .352 batting average as of late.
– Cron also has six stolen bases on the season with a notable .424 OBP.

No. 4 Casey Gillaspie (Wichita State) recently has proved to be an offensive powerhouse for the Commodores with four homers on the summer.
– Gillaspie has 10 RBIs, 23 hits, and 15 runs in 23 games for the Commodores.
– He has improved his batting average significantly from the start of the summer.  He’s jumped from a lackluster .125 avg. to batting consistently just below .300 as of late.
– Not only has Gillaspie performed at the plate, he also carries a solid .993 fielding percentage at first base.

Photo by Liz Baker
Casey Gillaspie congratulates Sam Gillikin after he crosses the plate. Photo by Liz Baker

No. 5 Sam Gillikin
(Auburn) continued to be a threat at the plate hitting above .300 over the course of the past two weeks.
– Gillikin is fourth on the team with a .319 batting average.
– In just 14 games, he has 15 hits, 4 doubles, 1 triple, and 6 RBIs.
– Troy Stein and Leon Byrd Jr. are the only other Commodores that have a triple on the season.

Top 5 Pitchers:

No. 1 Brandon Magallones (Northwestern); Record 1-0
– Magallones has four starts on the season for the Commodores.
– He has an impressive 1.68 ERA  in 21 1/3 innings pitched.
– In just a little over 21 innings of work, Magallones has 13 strikeouts and given up only six runs.

No. 2 John Means (West Virginia); Record 2-1
– Means continues to be a threat on the mound for the Commodores with a 2.29 ERA.
– He has a whopping 14 strikeouts in 15 2/3 innings pitched, and has surrendered only 5 runs and 10 hits on the season.
– He has three starts on the summer with the Commodores.

No. 3 Zech Lemond (Rice); Record 0-1
– Despite a rough extra-inning loss against Harwich on July 5, Lemond has been key on the rubber for the Commodores.
– He has saved two games for Falmouth in just 4 appearances, as well as two strikeouts in four innings pitched.
– Lemond has a 2.25 ERA.

No. 4 Craig Schlitter (Bryant); Record 2-1
– Schlitter has four starts for the Commodores this summer.
– In 22 innings, he has given up only 10 runs and has 20 strikeouts.
– Schlitter currently has a 3,17 ERA.
– Last season Schlitter ended the season with a league-leading 2.72 ERA in 43 innings pitched.

Photos by Liz Baker
Trey Teakill preps for the start. Photo by Liz Baker

No. 5 Trey Teakell
(TCU); Record 3-1
– Teakell snags the last spot on the list with a 3.37 ERA with five starts on the summer for the Commodores.
– In 29 1/3 innings pitched (the most on the team), he has 11 earned runs with 14 strikeouts.

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