Player Profile: Hoskins makes name for himself on Cape

By David Lauterbach/PA Announcer

Hoskins waits on deck during the Commodores game against the Red Sox on July 6. Photo by Liz Baker.

Sacramento is the capital of California, the home of former MLB All Star Derrek Lee and where Lee started his baseball career in Whitney Little League. It is also the home of a Falmouth Commodore All Star.

When Lee played at Whitney, he set the league’s record for most home runs in a single season. As Lee was entering his prime in the majors, that future Falmouth All Star broke that record.

“I don’t know if you know Derrek Lee. He used to play for the Cubs,” said Commodores outfielder Rhys Hoksins. “I broke his single season home run record. So that’s pretty cool.”

Hoskins might not be the loudest player on the Commodores’ bench, but that is because when he steps up to the plate, his bat does the talking. Just like it did in little league.

The outfielder from Sacramento State University has played in every game this season for Falmouth. So far, he is hitting .314 with 5 home runs, 30 RBIs and 30 runs scored. Hoskins leads the league in runs batted in and runs scored.

When he got to the Cape, however, leading the league in those categories might not have been his top priority.

“One of the things I focused on coming here was getting tougher mentally,” Hoskins said. “As far as things go day-to-day. Once you leave the field, there’s nothing you can change. And once you get to the field, it’s a clean slate.”

Hoskins’ ability to focus on what’s next and not look back earned him a spot in the Western Division’s starting lineup in the All-Star Game.

“You don’t play every day in college like you play up here,” Hoskins said. “So here it’s a little more prevalent that you let things go from day-to-day. I didn’t do a very good job of that last year in my college season, and I think I struggled because of it. I’m doing okay up here and I think that’s why.”

The outfielder has done just that, and maybe even more. Hoskins has gone hitless in only seven of the team’s 34 games this season.

The All-Star’s ability to get a hit in so many games could be because of his approach to the plate. Or at least how he looks up to a certain major leaguer’s approach to every at bat.

“I really like (Robinson) Cano,” Hoskins said. “If (Miguel) Cabrera wasn’t in the league, I think Cano would be the best hitter hands down. He’s so relaxed up there, nothing phases him.”

With scouts watching his and his teammates’ every move, Hoskins doesn’t seem to be bothered. Instead, he knows he just has to relax and enjoy his time with the Commodores.

“Being around these guys has been way more fun than I thought it was going to be,” Hoskins said.

With six All-Stars in the lineup almost every day, Hoskins is forced to forget about his hitless games and focus on the next pitch while still having fun. But even though Hoskins doesn’t like to dwell in the past, there will always be one record he set that none of his All-Star teammates will break – the Whitney Little League single-season home run record.

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