Undefeated Bourne Blanks the Commodores

Colleen Loftus/Web Reporter

The Commodores could not catch a break in the afternoon matchup yeserday against the Bourne Braves, suffering a 6-0 loss and totaling a mere six hits in nine innings of play.

First on the mound for Falmouth was righty Charles Mulholland (University of South Florida), who pitched 3 2/3 innings and threw 68 pitches. Mulholland totaled three strikeouts, two of which were back to back in the fourth inning. Andrew Sopko (Gonzaga) led off for the Braves, lasting six innings and totaling six strikeouts against the Commodores’ offense.

The game was scoreless for the first three innings, with pitching and infield plays keeping the teams even. In the bottom of the fourth, after back-to-back strikeouts by Mulholland, Bourne’s Gavin Collins (Mississippi State) stepped up to the plate. Collins poked a double to get the Braves on the diamond. Falmouth’s Leon Byrd (Rice) made an error on a ball hit by right fielder Brett Sullivan (Pacific), and with men on second and third Braves’ Ryan Howard (Missouri) walked. Mulholland walked the next batter, Stephen Wrenn (Georgia), putting the Braves up 1-0 as Collins touchedhome. Mulholland proceeded to walk designated hitter Blake Allemand (Texas A&M), forcing Sullivan home and advancing Bourne’s lead to 2-0.

Following these two runs, the Commodores made their first pitching change of the night with Donny Murray (Holy Cross). Murray would pitch two full innings, striking out one batter.

Bourne was not finished yet. After an unsuccessful at-bat for the Commodores in the top of the fifth inning, the Braves managed to maneuver themselves into scoring position. Billy Fleming (West Virginia) singled to right field to get things started. Murray then threw a pitch into the back of first baseman Blake Davey (UCONN), putting men on first and second. With two outs, right fielder Brett Sullivan swung at the first pitch from Murray, sending the ball over the back fence in center field for a three-run homer. The Braves led 5-0.

The final run was scored the next inning, as Braves left fielder Stephen Wrenn worked his way around the bases after a single into left field in the bottom of the sixth. Wrenn managed to advance home from third after a wild pitch by Murray was in the dirt behind catcher Afenir, giving Bourne the 6-0 lead.

Falmouth replaced Murray with right-hander Kevin Mooney (University of Maryland) at the end of the sixth. Mooney pitched 1 1/3 innings for the Commodores, striking out two batters back-to-back and serving 21 pitches. Closing pitcher Taylor Durand (Western Carolina) was able to hold off further scoring from the dominating Braves, keeping the score at 6-0.
The Commodores will compete in a double header at Orleans tonight, June 15, 2014, starting at 4:00 p.m. For more information, visit the Falmouth Commodores website at http://www.falmouthcommodores.com.

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