Falmouth Battles for Win Against Brewster

Colleen Loftus/Web Reporter

The Commodores fought resiliently until the sun disappeared at Brewster earlier this evening, topping the Whitecaps 15-11 in eight innings. Despite holding a sufficient lead in the beginning, Falmouth allowed Brewster to pull away quickly in the bottom of the fifth. Brewster scored seven runs in just over one rotation of the lineup. Luckily, the Commodores’ string of hits and capitalization on opportunities on base led to a noteworthy victory.

The Commodores pulled ahead with a 5-0 lead in the top of the second. Kevin Newman (Arizona) dribbled a two RBI into center field, scoring the  two runners in scoring positions.  Shaun Chase (Oregon) cranked out a three-run home run over the left field fence.

“I was looking for a fastball and [Mundell] gave me one,” Chase says, “I was ready to adjust off-speed and just put the ball in play.”

The Whitecaps worked to close a 7-1 gap in the bottom of the fifth. They succeeded by scoring seven runs, tallying four singles and one three-run homer to put them ahead of the Commodores 8-7. While Falmouth did not have any errors, three Brewster batters were hit by pitches. In addition, four Whitecaps runners on base managed to advance farther on wild pitches. The Commodores trailed by one heading into the sixth 8-7.

The Brewster lead proved to be short-lived, as Falmouth scored five runs in the top of the sixth. The team sprung into action with three singles and one double, using its entire lineup. Cameron O’Brien knocked a two-run single into center field. Jake Madsen (Ohio) hit a single to bring home O’Brien, and then advanced to second on an error by third baseman Kyle Overstreet (Alabama Tuscaloo). This error brought a Falmouth runner home from second, advancing the lead 11-8. Nick Ramos (Indiana) popped a sacrifice fly to right field, scoring Madsen and putting the Commodores ahead 12-8. The team roped in three more runs in the seventh and eighth, ultimately defeating the Whitecaps 15-11.

Falmouth appeared back in sync with their hits, finding the open holes and driving balls for base hits. With the exception of Chase’s home run, the Commodores totaled five RBI singles to bring in six runs. Brewster recorded eight infield errors, two of which Falmouth brought Falmouth runs.

Steven Duggar (Clemson) was one player who found himself in scoring position quite often. He went four for aix at the plate with three singles, one double, and reached on error. His speed brought home three runs for the Commodores. Also, Duggar stole second base in back-to-back innings early in the game. Another player who performed exceptionally was starting pitcher Ryan Moseley (Texas Tech). Moseley lasted 4.2 innings for the Commodores, striking out six batters. He motivated the team to keep a focus, yet optimistic, mindset as he started off the bottom of the first with three straight strikeouts. This set the tone for the Commodores, and fortunately the team regained their lead to win the game.

The Commodores will travel to Chatham tomorrow to face the Chatham Anglers at 7:00 p.m. For more information, visit the Falmouth Commodores website at www.falmouthcommodores.com.

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