Commodores Fall Hard to Harbor Hawks

Colleen Loftus/Web Reporter

The Falmouth Commodores took one of their most devastating losses of the 2014 season tonight against the Hyannis Harbor Hawks, unable to put a single run on the scoreboard. Hyannis outplayed Falmouth in almost all aspects of the game, cruising their way to a win in their final regular season game against the Commodores.

The Harbor Hawks recorded 11 hits against the Commodores’ defense. Their scoring sprees came sporadically throughout the nine innings as they continued to reel in runs up until the seventh. Carl Wise (Charleston) managed two RBI hits for the Harbor Hawks, which contributed three runs. The third inning brought two home runs for Hyannis, as Dylan Bosheers (Tennessee Tech) hit a lead off homer and Wise brought home two more on his three-run knockout. Eight out of the Harbor Hawks’ nine batters recorded at least one hit against the Commodores’ pitchers, extended their lead so diligently that the Commodores had no chance of catching up. Some of the worst case scenarios in baseball surfaced at Guv Fuller earlier tonight for Falmouth, as a batter reached first on a strikeout and a runner stole home to increase the Hyannis lead.

The Commodores struggled at the plate; as a whole, the team recorded a mere six hits. Two consecutive drives by Boomer White (Texas A&M) and Jake Madsen (Ohio) came in the bottom of the sixth, and were the only “string” of hits the Commodores weaseled from the Harbor Hawk’s mound. Falmouth went down in six strikeouts, mainly popping easily-caught fly balls to the Hyannis outfield.

Despite setbacks early in the game, the Falmouth pitching played a great role in holding Hyannis to a 10-0 lead. Kevin Mooney (Maryland) entered the game in the top of the seventh. He allowed no runs and struck out four consecutive batters as the teams then played out the eighth. Closing lefty Garrett Cleavinger (Oregon) replaced Mooney on the mound for the top ninth, continuing the strikeout streak. Cleavinger recorded three straight strikeouts to keep Hyannis off the diamond, making quick work of his pitches. The highest pitch count recorded for Cleavinger recorded a 2-2 count to Jarret DeHart (Louisiana State), who went down swinging.

Mooney and Cleavinger tallied seven straight strikeouts for the Commodores, ending the game on a somewhat positive note. The team will not take this loss lightly, knowing that their greatest focus and determination will be necessary as they travel to Cotuit. The Commodores will face the Kettleers on Saturday, August 2, 2014, at 4:30 p.m. For more information, visit the Falmouth Commodores’ website at

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