Commodores suffer a lack of offense in second loss to the Red Sox

by Zane Moses

     The Falmouth Commodores could not get anything going in the second game of a double header against the Y-D Red Sox, losing 5-1.  Following an early run, the Commodores struggled offensively, and looked sluggish in an uneventful game.

     The Commodores drew first blood in this game.  A double by third baseman Tate Blackman (Ole Miss) was rewarded by a sacrifice fly by left fielder Heath Quinn two batters later.  The Commodores were ahead after the first inning 1-0.

     A double and two bunts drove in the tying run for the Red Sox in the second inning.  For the third time between the two games, the team behind in the matchup was able to make up the lead.

     A scary moment in the fourth inning for outfielder Mitch Longo (Ohio University) when he hit a  foul ball off of his knee.  He floundered on the ground for a few minutes before standing up, shaking off the pain, and stepping back up to the plate.  Longo showed his mental and physical toughness in this matchup, despite the injury he slapped a base hit up the middle three innings later.

     The Red Sox took the lead in the fifth inning.  A sacrifice fly brought one run home and a single between first second base drove in the second.  In the sixth inning the Sox advanced their lead even further.  Four hits and a sacrifice fly resulted in two more runs.  The Red Sox were ahead 5-1 and the Commodores were in desperate need for offensive momentum in the middle innings.

     The Commodores simply could not find a rhythm on offense in this matchup.  It seemed like the late inning loss from the previous matchup just hours prior deflated the team.  The team went down on strikes a total of seven times in six innings against the Y-D starting pitcher.  They accumulated five scattered hits throughout the course of the game but they were never able to string them together.

     Tate Blackman hit the lead off double and scored the only run tonight, opening the game strong despite the way the rest of the evening went.

    “I was just trying to sit a pitch and they elevated a fastball so I put my best swing on it,” Blackman said, “Luckily I found a hole and got a double out of it.”

     The Commodores are back in action tomorrow evening away against the Bourne Braves.  For more information about the Commodores visit

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