Q&A: Get to know Commodores catcher Taylor Smith

Q: Where do you go to school? TS: Grayson County College.

Q: Where are you from? TS: Cedar Park, TX.

Q: Do you have a nickname? TS: Schmitty.

Q: When did you start to play baseball? TS: I’ve been playing since tee-ball. My dad got me into it.

Q: What’s your favorite Major League Baseball Team? TS: Texas Rangers.

Q: Who was your favorite MLB player growing up? TS: Josh Hamilton.

Q: Who’s your favorite teammate? TS: Austin Masel. 100% easy.

Taylor Smith talks with third base coach Brett Becker. Photo by Meghan Murphy.

Q: What’s your favorite Cape League stadium? TS: Obviously, Guv Fuller Field.

Q: What’s your pregame tradition? TS: I wake up have the same breakfast (eggs, oatmeal and toast). I get to the field super early and try to find my swing.

Q: What’s your favorite sport other than baseball? TS: I like soccer.

Q: Do you prefer gum or seeds? TS: I’m a big seeds guy.

Q: How do you prepare a hot dog? TS: I’m a big food critic so I usually put a good amount of ketchup on both sides, a nice strip of mustard in the middle and a little bit of relish.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich? TS: No.

Q: What’s your favorite pizza topping? TS: Pineapple.

Q: What’s your favorite movie? TS: Forrest Gump.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show? TS: Game of Thrones or Vikings.

Q: Who’s your celebrity crush? TS: Mila Kunis.

Taylor Smith in the batter’s box against Hyannis. Photo by Meghan Murphy.

Q: Who is your favorite musician? TS: Chris Cornell.

Q: What’s your go-to workout song genre? TS: I love anything rock, not heavy metal but some.

Q: Where would you want to go on a vacation? TS: Probably Colorado. I would love to go there.

Q: What’s a skill you wish that you had? TS: I’m pretty quick, but I wish I was a lot faster.

Q: What’s the top thing on your bucket list right now? TS: Make it to the pros.

Q: What’s something that no one would know about you? TS: I’m really into music. I love to sing.

Q: What’s your go-to off-day activity? TS: Fishing.

Q: What’s the best fish you have caught on the Cape? TS: Here I caught a sea robin.

Q: What’s your favorite video game? TS: Guitar Hero.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure? TS: Hamburgers.

Q: What’s a bad habit you have? TS: I like to chew on bottle caps and straws.

Q: What’s a delicacy back home? TS: My mom’s breakfast. You can’t beat it.

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