Learn more about the ‘Dores: Infielder Brayden Taylor

Commodores’ infielder Brayden Taylor is off to an impressive start this season, posting a .276 batting average and a .382 on-base percentage through his first seven games. He has also made an impact on the base paths, stealing a base and scoring seven times. 

Taylor said that he is thrilled to be playing in the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer, as he has the opportunity to compete against the top talent in the country.

“It’s an honor because there’s so many good players out there,” Taylor said. “It’s just been super fun playing against all the good competition.”

The infielder’s road to Cape Cod began in his hometown of West Jordan, Utah, where he attended Copper Hills High School. Taylor said that his parents have played an integral role in helping him reach his goals in high school and beyond.

“My parents have always been my biggest supporters,” Taylor said. “And, [they] push me to keep getting better day in and day out.”

The support of Taylor’s parents helped him earn a spot on the baseball team at Texas Christian University (TCU). Taylor said that he knew the university was the perfect fit for him, from the first time he saw the campus.

“I chose TCU because it felt like home to me when I was on my visit,” Taylor said. “When I first arrived on campus, I just felt like it was right for me.”

The infielder opened eyes in his freshman season earlier this year, earning Big 12 Freshman of the Year honors. In his first year with the Horned Frogs, Taylor logged a .324 batting average with 12 home runs and 53 RBIs. 

Taylor said that he believes he has already improved as a player, after just one collegiate season. 

“The coaching staff [has] been tremendous in my development,” Taylor said. “I’m just very grateful for all of them.”

The Horned Frog product said that he does not have a particular focus this summer, as he will strive to improve all facets of his game. 

“Really everything. Hitting, fielding [and] base running” Taylor said when asked about what he will work on with Falmouth. “You can always improve on everything you do.”

Learn more about Brayden Taylor:

Tommy Mumau: Do you have a nickname?

Brayden Taylor:  I do, everyone calls me B-Tay.

TM: What’s your favorite baseball team?

BT: I grew up as a Yankees fan.

TM: Who’s your favorite player?

BT: Of all-time or right now?

TM:  Either one.

BT: My favorite player of all-time is Derek Jeter.

TM: Who’s your favorite non-baseball player?

BT: Probably right now, Donovan Mitchell.

TM: What’s your favorite food?

BT: My favorite food is probably just spaghetti.

TM: How about your favorite movie?

BT: I’m a huge Star Wars fan.

TM: Favorite TV show?

BT:  Probably Friends or The Office.

TM: Which friend would you say you’re most like?

BT: I try to be like Joey, but sometimes I might end up more like Chandler.

TM: How about your favorite musical art?

BT:  I would probably say Mötley Crüe. I’m a big rock and roll fan. 

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 

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