Learn more about the ‘Dores: Pitcher Mikey Tepper

Learn more about the ‘Dores: Pitcher Mikey Tepper

Since being added to the Commodores’ roster on July 8th, pitcher Mikey Tepper has made a strong impact on the club. In nine innings of work, Tepper has yet to allow an earned run through his three appearances, including two starts. He has also struck out five batters, while allowing only three hits.

Tepper was born in Arizona, but then moved to Fort Mills, South Carolina. He then later attended Fort Mill High School. He said the differences between the two places were drastic, focusing on the weather.

“I was originally born in Arizona but I lived in South Carolina for most of my years,” Tepper said. “It was a lot different, very humid. I loved it though, other than the humidity, the community was awesome.”

Tepper was ranked as a top 100 player in the nation and the top player overall in South Carolina by Perfect Game. He earned other accolades such as two regional titles, second-team preseason selection All-America by Perfect Game as a senior, and was also named a high honorable mention underclass All-America by Perfect Game as a junior. 

Following a successful high school career, Tepper committed to play baseball for Mississippi State University.

Tepper said he was thrilled to have the opportunity to join one of the top collegiate baseball programs in the nation.

“It was the best offer and best place to go for me,” Tepper said. “Just how close the chemistry of our team and coaching staff is, and I mean, there’s nothing better than our fans, obviously. It’s just a dream come true playing for Mississippi State.”

The Bulldog was able to accomplish the feat of winning a College Baseball National Championship during his freshman year.

Following a year in which Tepper pitched 12 innings, compiling 14 strikeouts and allowing eight hits, Tepper said that earning a National Championship is something that hasn’t really sunk in yet.

“It was a long journey but I mean it honestly still hasn’t kicked in yet, until I get my ring in the fall, but like I said, another dream come true,” Tepper said. “I mean everyone would love to win a ring and somehow I got to, I mean it’s awesome.”

Despite having arrived late to Falmouth, Tepper said he is honored to have the opportunity to play in such a historic summer baseball league.

“It’s a blessing. I thank God for everything,” Tepper said. “When I was growing up, my brother’s friends would always come and play here, and I just always dreamed about coming and playing here, and I’m glad it worked out.”

Moving forward as the Commodores look to earn a spot in the Cape Cod Baseball League Playoffs, Tepper said he is working to focus on a variety of personal goals, mentally and pitching-wise.

“I’m working on just keeping my mechanics straight and just staying on top and getting my innings in,” Tepper said. “Also, competing against the best guys will make me a better competitor on the mound.”

Learn more about Mikey Tepper:

Will Kharfen: What is your hometown?

Mikey Tepper: Fort Mills, South Carolina.

WK: Do you have any nicknames people call?

MT: My mom will call me Midgett, she will still call me that. Other than that, just Tep, Tepper, and Mikey.

WK: Who’s your favorite baseball team growing up?

MT: The New York Yankees because both my parents are from New York.

WK: Who’s your favorite baseball player?

MT: Derek Jeter.

WK: Who do you try to replicate your game after?

MT: Walker Buehler because we have the same mechanics and he’s obviously a big leaguer and very successful in the big leagues. So, I watched a lot of videos on him, how he goes on the mound, and I also look at his pregame routines and just go off that.

WK: Who is your favorite non-baseball player?

MT: Odell Beckham Jr. and Carmelo Anthony.

WK: Who’s your favorite non-baseball team?

MT: The New York Knicks.

WK: What’s your favorite food?

MT: Steak.

WK: What’s your favorite movie?

MT: Step Brothers. 

WK: What’s your favorite TV Show?

MT: Prison Break.

WK: What’s your favorite album?

MT: Eternal Atake.

WK: Who’s your favorite musical artist?

MT: Lil Uzi Vert.

WK: What’s one hidden talent people may not know about you?

MT: I can roll my stomach.

WK: What’s been your favorite part about being on the Cape and in Falmouth?

MT: It’s a great experience here and just playing against the best people in college baseball. The best freshmen, sophomore, juniors in college baseball. And just making great friends out here, having good chemistry with all the teams, honestly, it’s awesome.

WK: Who’s been the most influential person in your life?

MT: I’d definitely say my whole family. They’ve always been here for me and I just love them all.

WK: What’s been your biggest accomplishment or highlight in your baseball career so far?

MT: Definitely winning a National Championship.

This Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Note: Featured image by Joe Cavanaugh.

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