Learn more about the ‘Dores: Pitcher KC Hunt

Since arriving late on July 8th after winning the College Baseball Championship, pitcher KC Hunt has been a productive arm for the Falmouth Commodores’ pitching staff. In six appearances, the right hander struck out 14 batters in 11.1 innings of work.

Will Kharfen had the chance to catch up with Hunt to talk about this past season and his interests. 

Q&A with KC Hunt

Will Kharfen: What is your hometown?

KC Hunt: Wycoff, New Jersey. 

WK: Why did you choose to attend Mississippi State?

KH: Mississippi State was my last offer. I knew there’s a lot of history involved in that Mississippi State atmosphere. I love the coaches there, when I visited there, the stadium was awesome. The fans were awesome, it was just a really, really good fit.

WK: What is your nickname?

KH: People just call me KC.

WK: What was your favorite baseball team growing up?

KH: Yankees.

WK: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

KH: Derek Jeter, I always wore number two.

WK: Who in MLB do you try to replicate your game after?

KH: Definitely Jacob DeGrom. He was a two-way guy going to college, just like I was. He’s very athletic, very long and just goes after hitters. 

WK: Who is your favorite non-baseball athlete?

KH: Kyrie Irving.

WK: Who is your favorite non-baseball team?

KH: The New York Jets.

WK: What is your favorite food?

KH: My mom’s chicken parmesan.

WK: What’s your favorite movie?

KH: The Sandlot and Field of Dreams.

WK: What’s your favorite TV Show?

KH: Stranger Things.

WK: Who’s your favorite musical artist?

KH: Juice WRLD.

WK: What’s a hidden secret or talent people may not know about you?

KH: I’ve played basketball my whole life.

WK: What’s been your favorite part of being in Falmouth?

KH: Getting to know a lot of guys from around the country. These are the best ballplayers from around the country so it’s really cool getting to know them and seeing what they do on a daily basis. Also, off the field, we have a lot of fun. 

WK: Who’s somebody in your life that has been influential in your baseball success?

KH: My brothers. They went through a lot growing up. So they’ve been through baseball in college and the pros, and now they’re working with Pro Baseball Report, so they’ve been through baseball and I try to follow them in their footsteps. Also my dad, he was a coach for 40 years. He taught me and my brothers a lot.

WK: So far through your baseball career, what has been your biggest accomplishment?

KH: Pitching in the College World Series. That was a really cool atmosphere and that’s probably the most people I’ve ever played in front of.

WK: What was that experience like, having been able to win a College Baseball Championship?

KH: It’s kind of surreal. Going into the fall this past year, I knew that we had a lot of guys coming back and a lot of great pitching, so I knew that we could go pretty far. But to actually do it is surreal, it’s a really great feeling. It’s everyone’s dream to win. 

WK: What does it mean to have the opportunity to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League?

KH: It’s pretty awesome. I’m thankful and blessed that I was able to come up here and play in front of all these people up here. My brother played back in 2007 for Falmouth, so it was pretty cool to come back here with Coach Trundy and just try to experience what he did.

WK: What is it like being able to come back here and play where your brother did?

KH: I remember coming up to Falmouth and watching these games when I was just like six years old, I still remember everything here. So yeah, it’s pretty cool.

WK: What personal goals did you set for yourself this season?

KH: Just competing. I’ve always been a bit of a competitive guy and just trying to go at hitters.

Q&A with Head Coach Jeff Trundy on KC Hunt

Will Kharfen: How has KC Hunt been as an addition to the Commodores’ pitching staff on and off the field this season?

Jeff Trundy: KC is awesome in every regard. I mean he’s obviously a good pitcher, he’s got a good arm, he’s got great stuff, and loves to compete. He’s also a great teammate, he’s a guy that everybody loves being around, certainly I love being around him, and I think he’s brought a great personality to the team in the sense of support and having enthusiasm. I love KC and certainly everybody else does. A little bit of interesting trivia with him is that his brother pitched for us in 2007, who was a really good pitcher. So, it’s been a great experience for me to be able to have KC as well. 

WK: I was just about to ask about it. How is it being able to KC here after having been able to have his brother? Being able to see him as a kid and now grown up playing for you, it must be a very unique experience.

JF: It really is special. Shooter was a great kid as well. I told KC the first day he showed up that I could remember when he was about knee high, remembering him running around. It’s been awesome to have him in so many regards.

WK: How has having a player just win a National Championship and then coming here right after been an impact for you and the team? 

JF: I think it’s impacted them in the sense that they certainly have every right to be proud of what they’ve accomplished. It’s not every kid that can say they won a national championship. But to KC’s and Mikey’s credit, you know, they don’t flaunt it. They’re not annoying about it. They just go about their business and have fun being a Commodore. They’ve come in with just the right attitude to me.

This Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Note: Featured image by Meghan Murphy.

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