Learn more about the ‘Dores: Infielder Colby Halter

Infielder Colby Halter has had an impressive start to the season for the Falmouth Commodores, leading the team with a .400 batting average and a .571 on-base percentage. Through his first eight games on Cape Cod, Halter has provided the club with both consistency at the plate and solid defense in the infield. 

Halter is coming off of his sophomore season at the University of Florida, where he started in all but one game for the Gators. The left-handed hitter left the yard eight times and drove in 27 runs during his second collegiate season. 

Web reporter Tommy Mumau spoke with Halter about playing in the Cape Cod Baseball League and his interests off the field.  

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Tommy Mumau: What’s your hometown?

Colby Halter: I’m from Jacksonville, Florida.

TM: Who’s been most influential in helping you get to where you are in your career today?

CH: Obviously, my parents, for sure. They have supported me my whole life and given me the opportunities to do a bunch of stuff I’ve done. And there’s a ton of coaches I can point to, for sure. 

TM: What’s been the highlight of your baseball career up to this point?

CH: It’s hard to point out like a single game or play, just baseball as a whole has been a huge blessing to me. It’s really turned me into the man I am, and [I’ve] had so many great memories just with my teammates. That’s really what you remember, is the time with your teammates and [the] time you spend on the road and stuff like that.

TM: What does it mean to you to play in a prestigious league like the Cape Cod Baseball League?

CH: [I] grew up hearing about the Cape Cod League. I remember watching a movie about it, I’m sure everyone’s seen it, Summer Catch. [I remember watching it] when I was growing up and thinking how cool it would be to be one of those players and get to come to a place like this. … [It’s] just a great place to spend the summer. Obviously, it’s great competition, so it’s been an honor. 

TM: How would you describe your style of play?

CH: I’m always hustling everywhere I can, and I play really hard and play to win. … I’ve really grown up around the game and played a lot of baseball, and so I know the game really well. So, that’s something I take pride in.

TM: Is there an MLB player, current or former, that you try to model your game after or compare yourself to?

CH: I grew up a huge Chipper Jones fan. He’s pretty much my role model growing up and we’re not super similar builds anything, but we both play infield and I have a left-handed swing and he hits switch. But, Chipper was pretty much my role model growing up.

TM: Who was your favorite MLB team growing up?

CH: The Braves.

TM: Who’s your favorite non-baseball team?

CH: The Gators’ football team or the [Jacksonville Jaguars].

TM: Who’s your favorite non-baseball athlete?

CH: Tim Tebow.

TM: What’s your favorite food?

CH: I love sushi.

TM: Favorite movie?

CH: [The] Sandlot.

TM: Favorite TV show?

CH: Probably The Office.

TM: Who’s your favorite musical artist?

CH: I like a lot of stuff, I listen to some alternative stuff. I like [The] Lumineers, I like Pearl Jam. 

TM: What are your goals for this summer on the Cape?

CH: I’m just out here having a lot of fun playing baseball and trying to win some games for the Commodores. And, just keep getting better every single day, really. It’s a nice environment [to] come out here and meet a bunch of new guys and just have fun playing ball. 

Note: Featured image by Meghan Murphy.

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Tommy Mumau can be reached at tmumau@ithaca.edu. Follow him on Twitter @tommymumau13.

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