YD Outplays Falmouth 8-1

Colleen Loftus/Web Reporter

The Commodores suffered a 8-1 loss earlier tonight against the YD Red Sox. Falmouth only mustered five hits in nine innings, the first occurring in the bottom of the fourth. The team fought off the pressing Red Sox lineup while also searching for a weak spot in their opponent’s pitching.

YD took struck early in the top of the first. Starting pitcher Kevin McCanna (Rice) allowed three hits, recorded one error, and advanced a runner on base after a wild pitch to Red Sox catcher Jason Goldstein (Illinois). The Red Sox led 4-0, and increased their lead 5-0 as Hunter Cole (Georgia) hit a RBI single to right field. The score remained unchanged until the top of the sixth, when YD’s Jordan Tarsovich (Virginia Military Institute) recorded a RBI single. Leading by six in the top of the seventh, the Red Sox knocked in two more runs as left fielder Vincent Jackson (Tennessee) drove a skidding two-run RBI double into right field. Unfortunately, by the time the Commodores reacted it was too late. Left fielder Boomer White (Texas Christian) sent a dribbling single into right field, advancing Steven Duggar (Clemson) home. The final score totaled 8-1 in favor of the Red Sox.

The Red Sox capitalized their opportunities at the plate, working their way around the diamond in five out of the nine innings. Fielding mistakes caused the Commodores their shaky start, and the Red Sox wasted no time in getting themselves on the board. Falmouth lost their way as they allowed YD extra outs in the first and second innings.

The Commodores’ greatest challenge was reacting productively to the impressive YD pitching. Starting pitcher for the Red Sox, Kevin Duchene (Illinois), lasted six innings and struck out nine total batters. Duchene produced back-to-back strikeouts in the second and sixth innings, catching batters swinging and looking alike. Falmouth fell to his relief pitchers as well, striking out five more times. In total, the YD pitchers recorded 13 strikeouts against the Falmouth lineup.

While Falmouth may not have been able to bounce back completely, they remained on their toes defensively. McCanna picked off a runner on first in the top of the fourth, providing the second out of that inning. Second baseman Nick Ramos (Indiana) snagged two balls out of the air and assisted in two groundouts. Shortstop Trever Morrison assisted in six infield outs, creating one double play. Falmouth retired YD in three batters in back-to-back innings, holding off further scoring in the third, fourth, fifth. The Commodores take this loss as a learning experience, and are determined to win tomorrow against their rival Cotuit Kettleers. Coach Stoll commented after the game that off-games are inevitable, and that teams who work through the hard times are destined to bring about good ones.

The Commodores host Cotuit tomorrow, July 3, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. For more information, visit the Falmouth Commodores website at www.falmouthcommodores.com.


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