The Commodores lose big to Orleans

by Zane Moses

     Two big innings proved to be the Falmouth Commodores undoing as they faced off against the Orleans Firebirds on Tuesday.  The final 11-2 score reflects the scattered and ultimately unyielding performance out of the offense.

     The Firebirds were able to draw first blood in this matchup.  In the top of the first inning, with one out and a runner on first, the Orleans batter got a base hit to right field that took a funny bounce and squirted past the right fielder JJ Matejevic and rolled to the fence, scoring a run.

     With the score 1-0 the Commodores struck back in the second inning.  First baseman Shane Benes (Mizzou) got on and advanced to second with a one out error.  Second baseman Andrew Snow (Arizona State) got his first hit of the season and his first RBI of the season in the next at bat, tying the score at one.

     In the sixth inning the starting pitcher Turner Larkins (Texas A&M) was taken out and the relief pitching could not hold the tie.  The lead-off hitter got on with a single, the next batter was walked, and the next batter got on trying to sacrifice bunt before the pitcher overthrew the first baseman, scoring the lead runner.  A subsequent single scored the second run, and a double scored the third.  With one out a sacrifice fly ball scored the fourth, and with two outs a bloop single to right field scored the fifth and final run, leaving the score an imposing 6-1.

      Third baseman Caleb Hamilton (Oregon State) hit a shot to left that curved around the right field foul pole for a home run in the bottom of the seventh inning.  Unfortunately the favor was returned in the top of the eighth inning, as the lead off Firebird hitter drove the ball over the fence in straight away center field, the five run deficit returned, and the score was 7-2.

     The top of the ninth brought more runs for the Firebirds.  They hit a two run dinger over the left-center field fence with two outs to start the scoring.  The next batter managed a triple after the ball snuck underneath the glove of the diving right fielder and a pair of singles followed, which scored two additional runs.  Going into the bottom of the ninth inning the score was 11-2, where it remained.

     The Commodores were able to get a runner on in every inning, unfortunately they had trouble getting the key hit when it was necessary.

      The Commodores are back in action tomorrow at home against the Hyannis Harbor Hawks at 6:00.   For more information about the Commodores visit their website at

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